Human behaviour plays a major role Mirthe's work. She always tries to find ways in which she can portray subjects such as fear, irrationality, truth and lying. Her work is often not a literal translation of the subject into an image, which creates space that can be filled in on the basis of someone's own experiences.
She gets her inspiration from nature and the objects around her, where she finds metaphors that she uses for her drawings, screen prints, animations, linocuts and ceramics.
Mirthe's part of the screen print collective Purple Carrot Collective
undefined📷Mirjam Theissen

📷Mirjam Theissen 

2021 Bachelor Design, Illustration/Animation, Academy Minerva Groningen
2016 Minerva Fine Art and Design introduction course

Worked for
2023 Zola Westerhof, Naar de Oost
2022 Hotel Gaia
2022 Taco's Koffie
2022 NNZ​​​​​​​
2022 Orange Effect (concept and animations)
2022  Hit the North - ESNS 
2021  Kunstpunt Groningen 
2021  Jackie Burema
2021  Hanzehogeschool Minerva Groningen, Club Graduate Talkshow (curation)
2021  Tochtgatboswachterjas
2019  Marian van Os Centrum voor Ondernemerschap, Hanzehogeschool Groningen
2018  Concerthuis Customized
2018  Poëziepaleis
2017-2018  Arteva, Hanzehogeschool Minerva
2017  Medisch Beeldvormende en Radiotherapeutische Technieken, Hanzehogeschool Groningen
2022 Ateliercollectie Kunstpunt
2021  Detour, Graduation Show Academy Minerva
2021  Illustratie 57, Sketchbook Exhibition
2020  Fundraiser for Moria, live lino printing
2020  Illustratie 57, Second Best
2019  Illustratie 57, Barricades
2018  The Supreme Exodus Lab
2018  Artist Book Festival
2018  Illustratie 57
2018  Arteva Exhibition